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Sweden: Wolf Tracking Adventure in Vastmanland

Venture into the thrilling realms of Sweden’s wild dogs

Venture into the thrilling realms of Sweden’s wild dogs

Sweden’s countryside is epitomised by stunning scenery, spectacular sunsets and starlit skies. Its famous wildlife seems so far from the bustling bright lights of Stockholm and Gothenburg and this exciting, action-packed Wolf Tracking Adventure will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

The Bergslagen Forest’s most renowned inhabitants are its mysterious wolves. The chance of a close encounter with Europe’s most fascinating and feared animals are good, but the forest is roaming with moose and beavers as well as the wild dogs which Sweden is so famous for. This Wolf Tracking Adventure teaches you all about the animals before you start to search their kingdoms.

During the day, the forest features glistening light flickering through the trees and disparate shimmering lakes underneath the summer sun. When night time falls, however, it is a completely different environment. Your adventure will become all the more exciting as the haunting sounds of wolves’ howls and mysterious movements rumbling through the trees take hold.

You may be lucky enough to spot one of these wild dogs during your Wolf Tracking Adventure, but if the timid animals don’t make an appearance you will find there’s much fun to be had in tracking their prints and keeping an ear to the ground for their distinctive cries. You will be spending your holiday living among them so remember, even if you don’t spot them, they’ll spot you!

  • Day 1 - Arrival and Beaver Watching

    Venture into the thrilling realms of Sweden’s wild dogs - Arrival and Beaver Watching

    After your arrival at the airport, you’ll collect your hire car and make your way to the guesthouse where you’ll meet your guide in the afternoon for an introduction to Sweden’s wildlife. Later on today, head out on a beaver watching safari with your guide, during which you will head out onto the water and catch sight of these creatures in their natural habitat. Your evening meal is included in the excursion; enjoy your time observing the animals before heading back to the guesthouse for a good night's sleep.

    Meals included:Dinner
  • Day 2 - Moose Watching

    Moose Watching

    You’ll spend the morning relaxing at the guesthouse or, if you’re still buzzing from the sights of the night before, exploring the surrounding area in the hope of spotting some more of Sweden’s wildlife. Your Wolf Tracking Adventure will continue after lunch with the moose watching safari in Bergslagen Forest. Travelling by car and on foot, your guide will take you into the forest in the hopes of catching sight of another of Sweden's iconic creatures. This adventure can last as long as six hours and includes your evening meal, but if you want to make it something really special, why not arrange to spend the night in a purpose-built hide? Relax amid nature as you take advantage of this unique wildlife watching opportunity!

    Meals included:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Day 3 - Howling with Wolves

    Howling with Wolves

    Today is the climax of your Wolf Tracking Adventure as, after another relaxing morning, you’ll travel to Grimsö Wildlife Research Station where a professional wolf researcher will hold an information session about the wolves you are about to see.

    Next, you’ll head out to the wolves’ realms and set up camp, enjoying dinner around a campfire in the wilderness. Absorbing the sounds and smells of the wild, you’ll watch out for sightings of the creatures of the night and listen to their distinguishable howls, eventually settling down to sleep, beneath the starlit sky, in tents.

    Meals included:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Day 4 - Depart Sweden

    Depart Sweden

    You’ll arrive back at the guesthouse, travelling through wolf territory, in the hope of catching one last glimpse of these fascinating animals. Your Wolf Tracking Adventure ends as you return to the airport, unless you book a bear watching trip for your last day in Sweden (chargeable).

    Meals included:Breakfast


  • Return Flights from London Stansted, other departure airports are available at a supplement.
  • Car Hire, provided for transfers to and from the airport to your accommodation and for your personal use during your stay.
  • 3 nights accommodation in a guesthouse on a full board basis (please note the guesthouses will vary depending on where the guides believe the best opportunities for wildlife watching are). Typically, the guesthouses are small family run establishments with double/twin bed accommodation and private facilities.
  • 1 nights accommodation in a tent while on the wolf tracking expedition.
  • All wildlife watching opportunities are subject to nature's whims and so cannot be guaranteed. Please note that in particular Wolves in Sweden are very shy and difficult to see in the wild. Our main focus is to feel their presence by listening for howls, spotting their tracks, territorial markings and killed prey. If the opportunity presents itself, we may be able to see Wolves at some strategic locations. Although we rarely see Wolves it does happen occasionally and the guides do work hard, tracking in a variety of Wolf territories in order to locate the Wolves all year around.

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  • Travel Insurance

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